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B Shape Coffee 30 sachets by Jintara

(15 g. X 10 sachets)

Instant Coffee with Cactus Fruit (Cacti-nea) Changes your favorite coffee into a slimming drink and healthy skin. B Shape Coffee fixes a nonproportional body with the specially selected extracts.

To transform you into a new bright confident person than ever, “Life Style” of the new age, living on the desk, front of the computer, getting in the car, eat hastily. But not every category and lack of exercise, B Shape Coffee, you understand the problem.

The selected extracts “Cacti-Nea Extract” water from the cactus. Features help reduce edema (Water Retention) by the body to lose minerals. Help the kidneys function normally. In South America and Korea, “Cacti-Nea” is a popular fruit used to make the dilution Detox and loss weight effectively. Of the experiment in 47 women showed that “Betalains” in the cactus, inhibits LDL (lipid poor) to 45% and antioxidants were higher than substances other than 50% and reduces the weight ratio significantly. *Chromium 454 -Chromium. *Fiber *NatiCol -collagen peptides.

Directions: Mix coffee with 120ml of hot water. Take coffee 30 minutes before meal, take 2 sachets per day for the better results.

  • For people that weight 60 kg. or more: Take 2 sachets at around 11 am.
  • For people that weight 80 kg. or more: Take 2 sachets at around 3 pm.
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