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Pasjel Stretch Marks And Scars Removal

Pasjel Skin Body Cream Remove Stretch Marks Treatment Postpartum Repair Whitening Pregnancy Scar Removal.

ORIGIN: Thailand Brand.

Stretch marks are formed mainly by hormonal influence during pregnancy, abdominal distension of the skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers due to external forces pulling suffered varying degrees of damage or breakage, thinning of the skin thinning, the abdominal skin will appear Some different width, different lengths of pink or purple wavy pattern. After delivery, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving a white or silver shiny scars lined that stretch marks.

BENEFITS: fade stretch marks have been formed to promote cell regeneration, increase fiber elasticity, effectively repair necrotic tissue, stretch marks, fat lines, growth pattern, so that the color of skin texture improvement. Promote metabolism and blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and firmness, restore skin elasticity, highly nourish the skin, leaving skin more white and smooth texture nourishes not greasy, fast-absorbing skin, can wear clothes immediately after use. Pro, to stretch marks, fat lines say goodbye to it!

INGREDIENTS: pure natural plant formula, Centella Asiatica (repair skin, melanin), vitamin E (more nutrients into the skin), beans small molecule collagen (collagen supplement, increase flexibility). No alcohol, dyes, lead, mercury, no chemical add spices, safe and without side effects. For skin: legs, abdomen stretch marks skin redness, veins due to obesity caused by obesity.

USAGE: 1-2 times a day, evenly applied on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other parts, and massage in circular motions until absorbed. The recommended daily stick better.

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