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Kim Whitening Facial Cream

Whitening Pearl and Snow Lotus Latinal Smoother Face Cream | Formulated with the precious snow lotus plant

The snow lotus, a specialty and a rare herb produced in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,
grows in the crevices in rocks scattered above the snow level on the mountains of Tianshan, Altai, and Kunlun.
It is a perennial herb and grows slowly although with strong vitality. Usually, only 5 percent of the seeds can sprout,
and the plant requires three years of growth to reach fruition.

Due to the low temperature, the snow does not melt in spring and autumn. Growing in this environment,
the property of snow lotus is lukewarm and tastes a little bit bitter. It enhances the Yang, the essence of male energy,
and regulates the Ying, the essence of female activity. Successful harvesting has made this plant commercially available in
limited quantities.

This cream is the best for:
Pimple & Spot removing
Intensive Anti-wrinkles treatment

Ingredients: Pearl, Snow lotus, Vitamin E, Latinal, AHA.

Condition: 100% Authentic brand new, Never open
Net weight: 20 g.

To use: Wash your face. Every time before putting make-up in the morning and before going to bed,
rub the Whitening Pearl and Snowlotus throughout your entire face and neck.

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