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Bennett Soap (Body odor solution)

Bennett Aroma Herbal Soap is inherited from the formula and traditional handmade method from generation to generation, and developed by Thai traditional pharmacist with extraction and refining of the most 5 valuable herbs.

From curcuma, tamarind, ginger, mangosteen, and aloe vera plants as the significant ingredients blended.

Made with a natural raw material, soften the body with gentle texture and long-lasting bar for healthy skin.

Helps to protect the skin from acne, blemish, blister, freckle, and whiten dark areas and armpit. Within days of use, it can completely heal those with body odor.

Using Bennett Aroma gives your body a great pleasure!

It has a deodorizing effect.

natural soap base, Curcuma Extract, Tamarind Extract,
Ginger Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerine


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