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Hybrid carburetor (3.8-10kva)
Video: Watch how to install DUAL FUEL CARBURETORS & start running your generators on cooking gas. 12.5kg of gas gives you up to 50hrs of electricity - that's about 10 days if you do 5hrs/day. Even at its current prices, gas is cheaper, safer, cleaner, greener and always available. Come see it in use before buying @ 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere Lagos or any of our branches. Free nationwide delivery or Installation available. Distributors and Installers wanted nationwide. 
Next edition of our Hybrid Carburetors Installation training comes up 10am this Saturday @ 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere Lagos.
The need to train and accredited installed becomes necessary, as more and more Nigerians embrace the wonderful innovation.
Installers currently earn N5,000 per installation and are in high demands across Nigeria
Once installed Potech Carburetors allow your generator to run on cooking gas as well as petrol, depending on what's available to you.
Gas is 3 times cheaper, safer, cleaner, greener and always available.
Come see it live before buying @ 20 Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere Lagos or any of our distribution outlets below. 
Free nationwide delivery or FREE Installation in our office (You have to bring down your gen. Only Surulere/head office).
Distributors, Installers and Marketers wanted nationwide.

> Gas is cheaper and always available
> Gen noise/sound is reduced by 30-50% depending on age, make of gen and load*
> It's also eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking entirely
> Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty
> Servicing frequency is reduced
> Spark plugs can be used for 2yrs before replacement
> Tested and confirmed okay, and currently in use in our offices
> 12.5kg of gas gives you 40-50hrs of electricity on 2.5Kva gen - that's about 10 days if you run gen for max of 5hrs/day
The innovation is simply an easy to install hybrid carburettor that enables your existing petrol generator to run on domestic/cooking gas (LPG), while still allowing you the option of running petrol (in case you run out of gas)
Anyone mechanic, including apprentices, can easily install help with the installation.
We sell only the original most advanced version of the carburettor which allows you switch between petrol and gas on the same carburettor. Even if you decide to run only petrol on our carburettors, you spend less on petrol, as our carburettors don't consume as much petrol as the ones that originally come generators.
Our carburettors, however, are not compatible with 'I better pass my Neighbour' (the smallest Tiger gens) and generators with capacities above 10kva. Yamaha and diesel gens are not compatible, too
The carburettors come in two sizes: Small one for 2kva - 3.6kva gen capacities and big one for 3.8kva -10kva generators

Lots of Nigerians are still afraid of gas, as some think it can easily cause explosions, but I don't blame them. It's limited knowledge, which suggests why most Nigerians still don't use gas cookers at home.
Truth is running gas cylinders on generator is safer than running it on cookers. Cookers naturally generate flame (naked fire), yet do not cause explosions, as the cylinders are built to handle the generated flame, whereas your gen doesn't generate flame. Remember we also have cylinders that carry burners (the student/camping cookers), and they don't cause explosions, too!
Again, if there's a leakage from your cylinder/hose in your kitchen, gas can easily accumulate and any ignition can cause fire, being that your kitchen is an enclosure, whereas your gen and cylinders, being outdoors, have adequate ventilation, which will naturally disperse any leaked gas - reducing the chance of fire and explosion, in case of fire ignition.
Although we recommend you keep your gen and cylinders outdoors to avoid overheartng, and use a hose of 3-5 yards. Also, avoid having your gen in a cluster of running gens, like we have in some apartments.

We are the only authorized importers and distributors of original Potech Hybrid Carburetors. Although our carburettors have up to 6yrs lifespan, we give 1yr warranty plus free replacement spare-parts in the unlikely event of damage to any part of the product. We also boast of the most experienced engineers always willing to help out customers needing technical support. We also don't sell fake ones that consume lots of petrol/gas and have no warranty.

N10,000 FOR SMALL ONE (2kva - 3.5kva) and N15,000 FOR BIG ONE (3.6kva - 10kva)
Purchases from outlets other than offices may attract additional logistics fee of N2,000
We do FREE DELIVERY to all parts of Nigeria, through road transport companies. You'll be required to follow up on the driver who'll hand your order to you. For Lagos, we do same day delivery through courier to your house or office. Full payment must be made into our accounts below before delivery. Free delivery applies only when if you buy from Surulere office
We have two levels of Distributorship. 
(1) Buy a minimum of N200,000 worth of products and become Independent Distributor. Independent distributors get small ones at N17,000 and N22,000 for big ones.
(2) Buy products worth 3 million naira & become Sole Distributor for any town/city in Nigeria except Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lekki which have been given out already. Sole Distributors buy at N15,000 for the small one and N20,000 for big ones and are listed on our websites, newspaper adverts, bulk SMS, fliers, others, and we refer everyone who calls from their location to them.
We are also looking for motivated individuals to join our team as Accredited Installers whose contact details are published and sent customers within their locations, for professional installation of the carburettors.
Installers are currently paid N5,000 per installation, and yet we have 100 times more customers than available installers.
Accredited Installer also get min of N2,000 discount per product (N18,000 for small ones & N23,000 for big ones) If interested, kindly visit our Lagos head office with a passport photo and copy of your ID for professional installation training 10am this Saturday.
Training, accreditation and issuance of ID card cost N5,000 for Saturdays group training or N10,000 for weekdays/one-on-one training, and you can pay a fee at the training venue.

Other Products:
We also sell original generators already installed with the hybrid carburettors, from N80,000. Others compatible gas regulators, hose, clips, regular and transparent cylinders
For those who want home/office delivery, here are our account details:

Potech Integrated Services Ltd.:
FCMB: 2045003010
Diamond: 0028652769
GTBank: 0014974268
ZenithBank: 1012371430
UBA: 1007884901


SURULERE (Head office)
20 Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere | 08069718569 | 08062623609 | For WhatsApp and imo only use 08027196002





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