No one plans to get sick or hurt, but virtually everyone needs medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and protects you from very high expenses during such unpredictable moments in life.

Did you know that the average Nigerian believes they don't fall sick which is a wrong mentality that needs to be worked on? Did you know that the average Nigerian also thinks ailments such as cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, HIV/AIDS, Heart failure, High BP and other dreadful diseases are only found in rich and wealthy people? This is absolutely NOT TRUE. The truth is that only the so called rich/wealthy have access to health information and as such go for medical check-ups from time to time, hence they are diagnosed with these ailments. A lot of the ordinary people on street rely only on the fact that they don't fall sick or have no need for routine Medicare and as such they are never diagnosed with any ailments.

However, we have seen cases were people just collapse and die and medical investigations most times reveal that such persons may have died of untreated ailments that have over stayed in their systems, and we are usually quick to attributing it to spiritual attacks or pointing fingers at some forces from the village, which is totally wrong.

The truth is that our body system functions like an engine that must routinely go through servicing and sometimes total overhauling, in other detect threatening ailments early enough and take care of them.

But like with every other product and services, the cost of health care, be it regular or quality care, has risen up such that majority of people can hardly afford it and here's where comes in.

Club080, through National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) is offering members quality health insurance that allows members access to the following benefits:
Medical consultations
Supply of prescribed drugs
Routine laboratory investigations
Minor surgeries
15 days Admission/accommodation in hospital, including feeding
Maternity services (antenatal care)
Normal delivery
Accident & emergency
Plus more

Above medical benefits are accessible through our over 500 accredited/partner hospitals across all states in Nigeria, just with your Club080/HMO ID card.