Terms and Conditions

You agree to be referred to as a Member, distributor or sponsor (depending on context), on this programme and that the person who originally referred you to this programme is known and referred to as your Upline or Referrer, where the people you shall refer to the programme shall be known and referred to as your  Downlines


You agree never to ask for refund of your membership registration fee, which is used provide you with all the recourses available to you, including your live training or access to library; and/ or that of your downlines and that payment for all programme plans are not refundable for any reason.


You reserve the right to terminate your membership on this programme with or without notice but will forfeit your payment. In this case, a written notice to the Club080 team will be required.


You agree to indemnify and hold Potech Integrated Services Ltd, the initiators and managers of the Club080 programme and all other partners and parties, harmless from all claims and demands, losses, liability, costs and expenses arising in your efforts to sell the programme to prospective downlines or the general public, negligence or violation of these terms and agreement.


You agree that Potech Integrated Services Ltd. reserves the right to terminate your account as a beneficiary of this programme, if found bridging these terms and conditions.


You agree not to discuss any other business on behalf of Potech Integrated Services Ltd. other than the Club080 programme, without written permission from the management of Potech.


You agree not to collect money in any form, from your prospective downlines and remit to Potech Integrated Services Ltd., as all downlines are advised to make payment on their own and obtain payment receipts or deposit tellers.


You agree that your account could be terminated without notice if it becomes dormant. Member’s account is considered to be in dormancy mode if such member is unable to sign on at least one new downline within three (3) months (90 days).


You agree that as much as Potech Integrated Services Ltd. shall endeavour, at all times to secure the Club080 websites and systems from all vulnerability and hackers, we make no guarantee that our websites and systems are completely unbreakable, as with most other online businesses.


You agree that your downlines reserve the right to register for another membership plan, where he or she is not comfortable with your registered plan. In this case, if they chose to register for a plan higher than yours, you earn only 50% of your own plan, unless you upgrade before they pay for their membership.


You agree that Potech Integrated Services Ltd. may send SMS and or email messages to you and your downlines at any time, concerning this programme and or other services or products of the company, without prior or additional notice.


You agree that these terms may be amended by way of modification, reorganization by Potech Integrated Services Ltd. with or without notice to you.


You agree that you have read and understood, vividly, these terms and conditions, and without compulsion or influence, agrees to all written therein in good faith, before registering for the programme on our website or at our offices or agent locations