Become a Distributor
When you join Club080.com you qualify to become distributor or reseller; which means you will have your own website like www.club080.com/1234 created and hosted for you FREE, where you can sell various electronic gadgets such as Smart Phones (Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia Tecno + more), Tabs & Laptops and a whole lot of other products and services - fully funded by Club080 so all you'll need to do is sit back, promote your site, sell and keep earning. We are also constantly looking out for new products and services of high demands that we can introduce to allow members earn more, so if you have high demand or highly sellable products or services, don't hesitate to contact us for a deal.

Become a Mobile Money Agent
As part of our business empowerment initiative, we train our members to become certified mobile money agents, to assist the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in achieving its goal of a cashless Nigeria. This is another fast selling and highly profitable business for our members. As Mobile Money Agents, our members serve as mini banks where people can do limited banking and other related transactions such as cash deposits/withdrawals, funds transfer to all Nigerian banks, help Nigerians receive money through Western Union and MoneyGram from loved ones abroad, issuance of ATM cards, bill payments such as PHCN, DSTV, GoTV, Startimes + others. With this, members automatically become recharge airtime. members get our ATM cards at N700.00 & resell for N1,000 - N2,000 + help individuals fund their ATM cards and earn even more. With this alone, members can earn N300,000.00 - N1,000,000.00 monthly.
Become Recharge Airtime Distributor
With over N20 billion spent monthly and over N300 billion spent yearly respectively on recharge cards (Airtime) by Nigerians, you members definitely empowered to start lucrative business and create extra source of income for themselves and their generation through this business.

Our mobile top up portal allows members sell airtime any amount from N50.00 to N900,000.00 at once, including odd amounts like N51.00, N110.00, of all networks (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT & VISAFONE) at wholesale prices!

All paid members of Club080 automatically qualify to become Recharge/Airtime Agents and earn average of 5% commission for airtime sold. While the comission in percentage might look very small, remember that recharge airtime is about the most selling product in the world as everyone buys airtime virtually every other day and we have recorded cases of members selling over N200,000.00 per day and earning over N10,000+ daily from airtime recharge alone.

Club080 Special deals
The Club080 special deal is a mind-blowing aspect of this programme that favours members as well as the public at large. It’s a branch of the programme that allows Club080 go into synergy or strategic partnership with individuals and corporate organizations wishing to introduce new brands into the market or simply leverage on the effective and unique power of the Club080 network in reaching out to every home in Nigeria with their products and service.
Here, Club080 secures deals with such partners to help sell their products and services on commission basis. For example, Mr. ‘A’ has just completed a 200 million naira property and wants to sell it out and considered Club080 the perfect platform to use for quick results, having considered the large and active number of members connected to the network. Club080 then agrees to take 5% (ten million naira) of the selling price of the property, then goes ahead to announce and publish the property to all members via SMS, email and www.club080.com, asking members to get a buyer for the mentioned property and earn five million naira (50% of Club080’s commission). With such attractive offer, all members would immediately start looking for buyers and before you know it, a lucky member would have got a buyer and lands himself five million naira commission. Isn’t this awesome?
For the special deals, qualified team ensures a concrete agreement with any partner or group interested in using the Club080 platform to sell their products or service to avoid litigations as well as indemnify Club080 from any and all risks that may arise in the ordinary course of the partnership deal. Other factors to be considered may include exclusivity of rights to products and/or services sales, quality of products and services, legitimacy and integrity of such prospective partners – for the utmost interest of Club080 and its members.