How it works

Club080 is a reward programme that empowers members to start up new businesses or support existing ones, as well as an opportunity to earn generous cash incentives of minimum of N100.000.00 - N1,000.000.00 monthly, guaranteed*.

To achieve these, all you need is a mobile phone and a registration fee of between five to hundred thousand naira (N5.000 - 100.000). Note that Club080 is not one of those many multilevel marketing programmes where you have to refer lots of people that also have to refer others plus you wait for eternity to earn a commission. Club080 is unilevel and pays you commission on every single person you introduce into the programme and your money is paid instantly into your bank account or through the membership I.D./credit (ATM) card that would be made available to you.

Earning Potentials
Apart from having access to our numerous business opportunities, Club080 also pays you fifty percent (50%) of the membership fee of any new member you introduced to the club. Commissions are paid instantly.

Club080 membership is open to the general public and anyone can join, as no special skills or qualifications are required. We offer the most generous payout commissions in the industry, with members earning up to N10,000.00 or more on certain products sold and up to N50,000.00 as referral commissions. You simply cannot find a better deal anywhere else. Find below our membership plans and payout commissions.


Membership Plan

Joining Fee

Direct Referral Commission

Indirect Referral Commission

Incentives To Downlines





N1,000.00 Airtime





N2,000.00 Airtime





N4,000.00 Airtime





N6,000.00 Airtime or Gold Health Insurance





N10,000.00 Airtime or Diamond Health Insurance





N20,000.00 Airtime or Platinum Health Insurance


Direct Referral Commission

“Direct Referral Commissions” is the first cash amount you earn when you refer someone directly on your own or through your website to join Club080.

As demonstrated on the table above, all members, irrespective of their membership plans, earn uniform direct commission of forty percent (40%) (N2.000, N4.000, N8.000, N12.000, N20,000 or N40,000 depending on membership plan).


Indirect Referral Commission

“Indirect Referral Commission” is the additional cash amount you earn when someone you have referred to the club refers someone else into the club. This means that even when you are are not working and referring people, you can still earn indirectly through the efforts of the people you have already referred into the club.

As demonstrated on the Indirect Referral Commission table above, all members, irrespective of their membership plans, earn uniform indirect commission of five percent (5%) (N250, N500, N1,000, N1,500, N2,500 or N5,000 depending on membership plan).


Incentive To Downlines

As demonstrated under incentive to downlines, the new members (downlines) referred by existing members (uplines) also receive a twenty percentage (20%) rebate on the amount paid to join the club, as incentive which has been a motivating factor that makes it easier for existing members to market the programme to their prospects. However, incentives to new members are not paid in cash but through airtime credited into their mobile topup accounts or convert same to free health insurance, also also indicated under incentive to downlines in the table above


The 40% commission is fixed, hence if for example Mr. ‘A’ is a Bronze member of N10.000 but signs up a downline (Mr. ‘B’) who chooses to enroll for a highest membership plan, say Gold, Mr. ‘A’ still gets only 40% of his Bronze membership which is N4.000, as originally subscribed for.


However, Mr. ‘A’ who’s a Bronze holder stands a chance of earning 40% (about N12.000) only if he (Mr. ‘A’) upgrades his membership plan to equals that of his new downline (Gold). This he (Mr. ‘A’) must do before his new downline makes payment as he would have lost the deal if his new downline signs up and pays before he upgrades.